Superbowl Kid Activities

Let’s face it… Superbowl parties are not places you picture kids being.  So, I’ve often asked myself, ‘How do you get the kids more involved so they’re having as much fun as we are?’

Okay, that may be a stretch, considering they aren’t able to gamble money, or drink those delicious alcoholic drinks that we are, but we can at least try to get them involved, or, better yet, distracted from the festivities.

  1. Get crafty!  Have a coloring station where kids can color in football pictures and show off their artistic skills
  2. Bingo Bango!  There are many Superbowl bingo cards available online.  Print some out and task an older, responsible child with the task of pulling out bingo numbers for the other kids.  Possibly have prizes available for winners as well.  Who doesn’t love prizes?!
  3. Superbowl Predictions!  Have kids answer questions about what they think might happen during the game on a sheet of paper. Have them keep track of which ones they guessed right.  Kiddos who predicted the most correct will win a prize.  This gets them active in watching the game with you and gets them excited for what’s happening in the game as well.
  4. Scavenger Hunt!  Send kids on a scavenger hunt throughout the house looking for things that are certain colors, or shapes.  This gets them out of your line of sight (I hope!)
  5. Snack Monsters!  We all love the food at Superbowl parties.  Make eating even more enjoyable for the kiddos. Have white snack cups available for kids to color on.  Then, they’re eating in style 🙂
  6. Football Cheer Tracker:  Give each kid a list of different cheers they may hear during the game.  (Each list is different from the other)  Kids tally which ones they hear throughout the game.  Whoever has the most tallies at the end of the game, win!

Have a safe and fun Superbowl!!!!

These ideas came from these websites:


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